Elysha Lukac's Testimonial

I started training with matty 3 months ago. When I came to matty I lacked confidence, had poor fitness and mental motivation. In addition, over the years I was discouraged by other trainers, pushing me till I was sick, being hard on me because I didnt eat a strict diet and on top of that I got no where and felt like not training. Training with matty I have gained confidence, become more motivated , and although I haven't been strict on my diet. Matty's training has helped me... drop some weight, increase my fitness and start to tone. I want to Thank you matty for your support, encouragement and training methods .im sad to cut my training with matty short as im excited to start to new chapter in my life moving overseas. I highly recommend people to take up training with matt and will support him in his future for internet training. Thank you xxx