Jessica Gauci's Testimonial

I have been training with Fitness Frenzy for the last 2 months and have had a fantastic and rewarding experience thus far. My trainer Matthew from the very beginning has been nothing but professional, motivated and leads by example. He is very understanding when tailoring all my sessions to achieve my personal goals. The past 2 months has changed the way I view exercising and diet and has demonstrated firsthand the benefits and results of weight and cardio training combined. Matthew is very knowledgeable on nutrition and has provided me with great advice on healthy choices to further improve my well-being and lifestyle. My sessions with Matthew are very diverse and always different, just when thought I have tried every possible type of squat, push up, ab workout or circuit my next session is always different and I am continuously learning new ways to exercise. I would highly recommend Fitness Frenzy to anyone looking to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Many thanks to Matthew and the Fitness Frenzy team.