Susan Alvear's Testimonial

Fitness Frenzy changed my life! I have been suffering from back pain for over 10 years. My stomach muscles tore with my 2nd pregnancy and there were times I struggled to walk. I have attended physio sessions, and joined many gyms, but nothing worked. Then I contacted Fitness Frenzy and attended their boot camps and started personal training. It wasn't long before the back pain eased and my core strengthened. One thing I wasn't expecting was my endurance also building up. Never a keen runner, Matty saw my weakness and had me working on it without me realizing it. Darren then pushed me to limits I never knew I could reach! I am now running distances I never thought and I actually enjoy it! Best of all, I am back to my pre baby weight and have lost 2 dress sizes in the making! Thanks Matty and Darren!